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WTF Is That!?!?

In an attempt to motivate our 2yo to potty train, we recently started to put our 8mo on the potty. I can't say who had the genius idea - I would like to say it was me because well let's ...

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A Letter to Angus

You are my second child. You were supposed to be my last. But life doesn't always go as planned. The potential injustice of life is something you learned at a very young 10 months old. That is when I became pregnant ...

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Suzanne Vega

Left Eye

It is always my left eye that betrays me. That traitorous eye can never make the cut and always reveals me for what I am but hate to be: An emotional and sentimental woman who can't help but well up ...

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Aug 2012

On The Air


This Saturday I will be in two places at once. I know what you are thinking: Kimberley you are a super mom who has clearly raised genius children, one who was momentarily potty trained at 8 months old, one who sings along to Viagra commercials and the other whose gap tooth smile could bring about world peace, but can you really be in two places at one time?!? Well yes actually, I can. On Saturday morning at 10am I will be a guest on the radio show Real Parenting but I will also be home, in my kitchen, making my read more…

Jul 2012

From This Fatty’s Mouth


I came across a blog today that made me a bit mad and a lot frightened. It’s called Skinny Gossip and it has been in the spot light recently because of a post that was written about the model Kate Upton. You don’t know Kate Upton? Well this video will explain plenty about her. She’s young, a sport illustrated model and she is probably every guys wet dream. I would say she is smoking hot but the writer of Skinny Gossip thought otherwise. Click here to see the post where she refers to Kate Upton’s appearance as thick, vulgar, calls read more…

May 2012

Smell Like Summer

Brazilian Mango Grapefruit

Am I the only one that thought last weeks warmth indicated summer might actually be on the way? Perhaps that is why this weeks freezing cold feels like a bitch slap right across the face. I am so moody this week which I know is partly PMS related (did I ever tell you I never had PMS until after having my third child, that’s a whole other post) but mostly, I blame my snarkiness on the dreary weather. I want the sun! I want the sun even though I am still 27 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight and feel like read more…

Apr 2012

Look What I Can Do!

I Heart Pastels

I’m not going to pretend that I am a crafty person. I’m not into scrap-booking, I can’t draw or paint and, due to incidents in my past that involved serious physical abuse of my sewing machine and excessive profanity, my husband has banned me from sewing anything other than straights lines. It isn’t that previous crafting attempts have all been disastrous (besides the sewing incident). In fact, as I walk around the house I see a few things that I have “crafted” that I am rather proud of. So it’s not a total lack of ability, it’s more like a read more…

Jan 2012

In The Closet

My Closet

I kind of have a thing for HGTV. It is a bit like a dependable friend for me. When my kids are napping and I have baskets upon baskets of laundry to fold, I can pop it on and almost always find a mindless it’s ok to Zombie out and miss several minutes because there is zero plot, kind of show. You know the type of shows I am talking about, it’s a couple, or a dude or a chick who are looking for the perfect house and they have their completely unrealistic check-list and their minuscule budget and they read more…