Jan 2012

In The Closet

I kind of have a thing for HGTV. It is a bit like a dependable friend for me. When my kids are napping and I have baskets upon baskets of laundry to fold, I can pop it on and almost always find a mindless it’s ok to Zombie out and miss several minutes because there is zero plot, kind of show.

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You know the type of shows I am talking about, it’s a couple, or a dude or a chick who are looking for the perfect house and they have their completely unrealistic check-list and their minuscule budget and they want it all! The shows are formulaic, and unrealistic and they make the perfect mommy viewing.

So yeah, I watch them and normally I don’t have a complaint but, (yes there is a but) lately I have developed a little pet peeve. It has to do with what I have dubbed the wannabe clothing addict. This is the girl that spends the beginning, bio part of the show proclaiming herself a fashionista. It always goes a bit like this:  “I shop so much that I neeeeeeed a big closet to hold all my designer clothes and shoes and handbags… I looooooove fashion!” Then she proceeds to prance around potential homes in her best fashion outfits, vetoing any house that doesn’t have the coveted walk-in-closet.

Messy Closet

And then at the end of the show, after she has found her perfect house with the must have closet, the “fashion addict” shows off her ah-maaaaaz-ing closet for the cameras. This is where my pet peeve comes in. The closet is always stuffed full of clothes BUT, these clothes are all slapped on wire and plastic hangers and the whole thing looks like a shot of the clearance rack at Value Village… actually even the Value Village clearance rack at least has matching hangers!


It annoys me because anyone who loves clothing wouldn’t treat their stuff like that!!! I love clothing and I love fashion; unfortunately, I don’t have the body type or the bank account that allows me to fully indulge this little obsession, but I do value my clothing and because I value it, I take care of it.

I don’t have a closet full of brand names, I simply can’t afford them, but I treat my clothing and arrange my closet as if it was full of designer brands. Why do I do this you ask? It’s simple, it makes my clothing last longer and it makes me feel good when I open my closet to pick out my outfit.

Want a peek?

My Closet

There it is, that is my closet. It’s not a walk-in, it isn’t that big, it doesn’t have designer brands but, I love it.

It didn’t cost that much money to make it just how I wanted it. In total, I spent about $40. I bought flocked and wooden hangers, belt hangers and skirt hangers from the clearance area of Winner’s and I bought the shoe boxes for $4 from Home Depot.

Specialized Hangers Make all the Difference

I won’t deny it, I am a bit OCD about the whole thing. I like my blouses on the brown hangers, my casual tops and sweaters (except delicate knits which should always be folded BTW) on the pink hangers and my heavier items, like hoodies, on wooden hangers and everything must be grouped together. And I do like things to be spaced nicely and clean and neat. It sounds stupid but I like to feel good when I open my closet and I do.



So what do you think, am I totally OCD? What does your closet look like? I want to know and be honest!


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14 Responses to “In The Closet”

  1. Christa says:

    Well I’m in the middle on this one, because I hate wire hangers- we only have wood ones in our house- and I love and take good care of my clothes in that they all get washed on the delicate cycle and absolutely none of them go in the dryer, so that they last longer. But? I currently have 2 baskets of my own laundry waiting to be put away. They’ve been sitting in a corner of our room for maybe a couple of months, and I fish clean clothes out of them to wear, and stack freshly laundered clothes on top, which get rifled through and mixed in. Eventually, maybe they will get hung and put away- I know it would make Garrett, my tidier half, very happy- but the outlook is not great! The clothes that are put away are very tidy and nice, though ;)


    modishmama Reply:

    Ah yes the laundry basket method. Now that I have an upstairs and the laundry is downstairs I tend not to have that anymore, but even I have been known to have a laundry basket that gets fished through in my room. I agree about hanging clothing to dry, it makes it last so much longer and it saves energy!


  2. Carmelle Whiteley says:

    Not OCD whatsoever!! I, too, am completely anal retentive about my closet, but that might have more to do with who I am than how I want my closet to look… I have my closet organized by a few different categories: season, casual, business, party, formal, dresses, dry cleaning, and then hanger-type required, and right now, maternity. My husband and I share our closet, which poses more fun challenges! Thankfully, he lets me organize his side of the closet to my liking. For example, his (less than) half of the closet includes categories such as: short sleeve, long sleeve, formal, sweaters/hoodies, forbidden-to-wear, and… Jedi robes. :( I love having a closet, which is neat and tidy, and I can easily see and access anything I’m looking for. I will post a picture or two on your FB Wall since you showed me yours! :P


    modishmama Reply:

    I love the picture! Thank you for sharing. lol Jedi Robes… of course he would have one of those. You won’t believe this but Kev actually has 2 closets! One huge one downstairs with all his work clothing and then his own closet upstairs in our bedroom. I have organized it a few times but he usually messes it all up.

    I like you categories BTW.


  3. Carly says:

    Not OCD. My side is a disaster since we moved and I currently don’t have a dresser. Normally I like to keep it neat(ish) and arranged by style of shirt/pants. I’m ridiculous and only use wooden hangers that have knitted covers made by my grandmother. Unfortunately this means that I don’t always have as many hangers as I would like. MAYBE I’ll post a pic later.


    modishmama Reply:

    I really want to see those knitted covers! You must share.


  4. Teresa says:

    Sad to say I am a fairly disorganized person and I tend to just cram the clothes in where ever I can find space. The upside to my method of disorganization is that it causes me to ‘rediscover’ my clothes on a fairly regular basis which can liven things up :)


    modishmama Reply:

    lol that is funny.


  5. Simone says:

    Your closet is gorgeous hon! I love how you displayed your great boots on the top shelf.

    I’m also super anal retentive about my closet. I fully agree with you – I like to treat my clothes well, even if they aren’t expensive pieces. I only keep in my closet what I truly love and use & I’m all about valuing the things that I do have. I space my hangers too but I think that comes from way too many years working in retail! {I’ve even started “pinning” on Pinterest photos of organized closets I like. Um, can you say obsessed?!}

    Oh and I totally hear you about the “fashionistas” on HGTV shows. I’ve seen a few like that where the girl proclaims to be “so into fashion” but then they show her in a Lulu Lemons or worse, a velour track suit. = DOES NOT COMPUTE.


    modishmama Reply:

    Eeeww velour is so bad! I hate velour. I, like you, tend to only keep things I really love. I try to only buy things I will definitely wear and think long and hard before making a purchase. I don’t have the most loaded closet, but I do wear almost everything in it. I am loving Pinterest! I better come and spy some of your organized closet pins.


    Simone Reply:

    That’s the same with me – even if I am shopping at a sale or at a thrift store, I still think long and hard about each purchase. I hate having clothes in my closet that I don’t like or don’t wear so I’m super careful about my purchases (also because I’m on a budget) Plus, closet space in downtown Toronto apartments is limited :)

    I think there are only a few closet pins so far but I’m planning on starting a whole board just for closets.


  6. Kim says:

    I read your blog Kimberly but I have never commented. That’s probably because you never posted about closets before! I am most likely more OCD then you are weh it comes right down to it. I hhave to have all my clothes organized and color coded into certain sections: short sleeves, longsleeves, sweaters, dressy short sleeves and dressy long sleeves. I get VERY angry when Ben and his stuff creep into my 3/4 of the closet. I gave him a 1/4 why doesn’t he stay on his side?? I think it is one of the most lovely things in life to think “Hmm, I would like to wear a short sleeved red shirt today” and go to your short sleeved red shirt section and choose one. I know that makes me a dork but whatever. Funny thing is, we are house shopping and a big closet IS on my top 5 feature list :) And what about shoes? I should show you the height of anal retentivness with my 50+ pairs stacked on matching shoe racks, and or course organized by color :) You are not OCD, you’re just a girl.


    modishmama Reply:

    50+ shoes! I wouldn’t have guessed it. I don’t have that many pairs mostly because I have lived in a tiny home for years and had to keep my closet very lightly stocked. Now I have the space but no money. House sopping is so much fun, I can’t wait to see what you guess find!


  7. Shirley says:

    My closet is very disorganized. But I am a fan of good hangers. What I need is bigger closet space that I don’t have to share. And to invest in some good shoe organizers. I don’t have that many but think that would help.