Apr 2012

Look What I Can Do!

I’m not going to pretend that I am a crafty person. I’m not into scrap-booking, I can’t draw or paint and, due to incidents in my past that involved serious physical abuse of my sewing machine and excessive profanity, my husband has banned me from sewing anything other than straights lines.

The handprint canvas we made for my Husband for Xmas. I love how the baby's hand is smudged because she would not be still.

It isn’t that previous crafting attempts have all been disastrous (besides the sewing incident). In fact, as I walk around the house I see a few things that I have “crafted” that I am rather proud of. So it’s not a total lack of ability, it’s more like a lack of passion. Normally, it’s that I would rather be doing something else but, suddenly in the past week, I have found myself becoming a crafting maniac. I have been creating so much in the evenings after the chllins are in bed, that I have actually been forgetting to go to bed.

What has spurned this intense urge to create you ask? Well, a variety of factors including a mild Pintrest addiction (I say mild because I legitimately don’t go on there everyday but I do luuuuurve it), one of my kids’ birthdays falling on a holiday this year (my son is turning 3 on Easter and all those gorgeous pastel colour combinations are so cute), my children’s general excitement about Easter this year (it’s totally the consumer, chocolate eating kind of excitement, we aren’t religious so don’t get offended thinking my kids get giddy about Jesus on the cross, they are just products of genius marketing and a consuming western culture), and finally my guilt about returning to work next month (why I feel guilty about going back to work 2 days per week while they stay home with the most amazing Nanny ever, I do not know) have all combined to make me a Look What I Can Do monster.

And because I am just egocentric enough to believe you all care about everything I do, I am going to make you look at pictures of my pure creative genius and then you are all going to oooooh and aaaaahhhh over that shit my masterpieces in the comments section. Seriously, I have a fragile ego so make it convincing.

Here we go:

I saw some tissue pom-poms on Pintrest and after watching about 30 hours of how-to videos on You Tube, I gave it a whirl. It worked out pretty well although, I have to say I prefer the smaller pom-poms over the larger ones. Also, I found that my compulsive tissue saving (of the wrapping paper variety not the snotty nose type) actually came in handy for this craft. The reused tissue was already a bit crumpled and it made for a fuller pom-pom in the end. They look perfect in my newly painted dining room!

We are having a million kids over for an Easter Egg hunt and I knew I was going to have to get some type of Easter Baskets for each of them. I looked at several places and found that the nice baskets were a bit out of my price range. I ended up picking up these plain plastic baskets for a $1 each. I bought some ribbon and whipped out my gluestick and voila! I made uber cute Easter baskets on the cheap. I am already picturing all the cute kids walking around with their matching baskets. Totes adorbs right!

Lastly, I saw some pictures of Easter egg garlands hung on mantels and with my huge crafting ego thought: I am the queen of crafts!!! I can do it better! Muhhahahaha. So I picked up about a million large sized plastic Easter eggs, some yarn, a large needle and some thick ribbon and now my stairs look like Easter threw up all over them. Ain’t it pretty and stuff!

So yeah I totally rock and I just know this party is going to be exhausting the funnest time ever! My kids will talk about it foreva but, I am totally done with this crafting shit after this because it is freaking exhausting and leaves me zero time to read celebrity gossip and drool over Robert Pattinson.

What about you? Do you have any Easter crafts that can top my amazingness? I want to hear about them in the comments.


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6 Responses to “Look What I Can Do!”

  1. Christa says:

    I applaud your craftiness! We have never celebrated Easter with Emmit. There was one year where we went on a egg hunt in a local park with friends, when he was about 3, but other than that, we have thoroughly dropped the ball on this one, in spite of our own childhood memories. Emmit’s birthday is Easter monday, as well, so I guess that’s always been the big April event. I think he has a vague understanding of the fact that he’s missing out on something by now, so we might do some sort of… hunt? With clues? I don’t know. I’m way less inspired than you! For his birthday we are taking him and 2 of his best friends to Parksville for mini golf/bumper boats, and a picnic/play at The Big Playground on the beach. I admire your willingness to host, never mind decorate for a bunch of rug rats, though! Oh, and I actually do have a couple of links to some easter crafts I pinned…here (don’t know where the original link has gone): http://pinterest.com/pin/132926626471677772/

    And here: http://maddysonslane.blogspot.ca/2011/04/easter-egg-garland-from-paint-samples.html

    Oh, and while I’m linking to shit, here’s the cutest toddler/preschooler bday party ever: http://naughtysecretaryclub.blogspot.ca/2012/03/how-to-throw-little-lumberjacks-and.html


    modishmama Reply:

    Every time a birthday comes around for the kids I say I am not going to have a huge party and we will spend the money on an outing instead. Then each time the kids beg for a party. with Angus it went like this: burday purty mom, Angy Bangy want eater bunny purty! I am such a sucker and I went a little over board. I am so a part of the problem!

    Did you find those cute ideas on Pintrest? That site is equally awesome and dangerous.

    I have amazing memories of Easter and I have shoved them upon my children who now share in my egg hunt glee. It was probably a good idea when we had one kid and now it is a huge gong show ;).


  2. KellyP says:

    Careful with those pinterest photo posts… http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/symbiartic/2012/03/19/pinterests-terms-of-service-word-by-terrifying-word/?WT_mc_id=SA_DD_20120319

    Your crafting looks amazing though. Hope all the kids have a great time!


    modishmama Reply:

    Thanks for that link Kelly. I was wondering if there was a way to block photo from being pinned. I figured I might as well pin them as someone else might but their terms of service are a bit alarming. It’s always a double edged sword isn’t it.


    KellyP Reply:

    The crafts do look great – but you know you’ve set the bar now and your kids will expect the same sort of effort in the future, right? ;)


    modishmama Reply:

    The bar has already been set. At least I can say I enjoy it. Although they now choose who they invite so Oskar’s next party will be somewhere else because all those older kids can’t be contained in my home anymore.